The Phoenix

I lived as loudly as my voice would allow me.

I strolled through wide open spaces during thunderstorms.

I gave my spirit to an idea without conditions.

I lost myself in life.

I tied each of my limbs to love and got torn apart.

I mourned without limits.

I believe in the power of rebirth

But for now all the parts of me are burning down.

A melting heart takes up space inside me while the rest is engulfed or already ashen.

I can’t hear anything but breathing sobs and roaring flames pushing against my eardrums.

There is no heartbreak inferno worth living in fear

But I’ve cried so much my face is changing shape like cheek rocks eroded by this cutting wind.

An empty shell with so much space inside: your ear on my chest would sound like hollow ocean.

Everything I believe in walked out and dragged itself along my body: Razors sculpting me into this mass of life.

Please see the ashes of this fire as a work of art.

I am broken but not afraid.

I am cut down but not cut off.

I have more love to give.

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