Presenting OBP’s Intern Class of 2019

Here comes the sun, summer and most importantly, our interns.

Jun 25 · 6 min read

Summertime at OBP brings some of our favorite things. Sunny days, concert nights, ice cream, swimming and last but not least, interns! We have such a great group this year, they deserve some introductions.

A love of cross fit and baking, our Art Direction Intern knows how to keep a balanced life. Joining the St. Louis office comes Majo Aparicio. In the blink of an eye, Majo could spend an entire day doing graphic design. She dreams of going to Hawaii, or wherever her heart tells her to go — as she lives by the quote, “listen to your heart.”

Majo Aparicio, Art Direction Intern

After a semester in London, England our Media Intern settled in Nashville for the summer. Caitlyn Clifford is a senior at Syracuse University, studying advertising and psychology. Having just discovered the deliciousness of cronuts (croissant/donuts), she’s in for a sweet summer! We’re glad Caitlyn hopped the pond and joined our team.

Caitlyn Clifford, Media Intern

Brenna Coyle comes to us from the University of Georgia. When Brenna’s not creating spirit-boosting, crowd-pumping content for her university’s athletic association social media, she’s working on a degree in Public Relations. With a passion for PR and an eye for “graphic perfection”, Ms. Coyle will shine in the Content Internship in Nashville!

Brenna Coyle, Content Intern

A recent graduate of Maryville University, our Art Direction Intern has an eye for design. When Bailey wasn’t working towards her degree in Graphic Design she was either working for her school as a Student Involvement Graphic Designer or leading Maryville’s AIGA Chapter. To say the least, Bailey Crouch is more than equipped for her summer experience in STL. We can’t wait to feed her hunger for all things creative!

Bailey Crouch, Art Direction Intern

Our next intern hails from Murray State University, where when she isn’t napping or camping, she’s researching consumer behavior and psychology. Hannah loves her z’s, her personal hashtag is #INeedANap. She may be onto something, with her focus and attention — it stems from somewhere. Hannah Daab will thrive as a Project Management Intern in the St. Louis office.

Hannah Daab, Project Management Intern

Our PR/Account Management Intern in the St. Louis office is a true Jonas Brothers fan. Morgan remembers wearing a puff paint t-shirt and rocking to the boy band at her first concert ever. Morgan Goebel is also a passionate, self-claimed “marketer in the making” with the personal hashtag of #blessed. We are #blessed to have you, Morgan!

Morgan Goebel, PR/Account Management Intern

Since the ripe age of 15, Jonah Holland has worked as a freelance photographer. His love of photography and experience in digital content creation, with a degree path in Agricultural Communications, is a triple threat! Jonah will serve as a great Video Production/Broadcast Services Intern in our St. Louis office. Being a coffee fanatic, he’ll find comfort in our close proximity to Starbucks and Kaldi’s Coffee.

Jonah Holland, Video Production/Broadcast Services Intern

A passion for agriculture and love of the FFA gives Sarah Kwast a strong background for the Account Management Internship! Sarah loves St. Louis sports and live music, so a summer in the city will be a delight. Ms. Kwast has always wanted a pair of ostrich skin boots and with a self-motto stating that “her passion burned brighter than her fears”, we’re sure those boots were made for walkin’…

Sarah Kwast, PR/Account Management Intern

Lauren Robison is serving in the St. Louis office as an Account Management Intern. Coming from a long line of farmers, she continues her love of agriculture through Murray State University’s Agriculture Business degree. Her knowledge of animals goes past cattle, as she recently learned what a narwhal was. Just one drink for the rest of her life? Sweet tea it is for this Kentucky girl. Here’s to a summer full of old favorites and new experiences!

Lauren Robison, Account Management Intern

Being a superfan of the Mizzou Tigers makes this Chicago native a partial Missourian. Ms. Russo may love her city, but she wants to travel the world. If she could have her desired superpower of flying, Sara would be around the world in a day! She’d just need a supply of Dr. Pepper and Twix to tie her over — some of her favorites. Sara Russo is serving in St. Louis as a Media Intern, let’s see if we can win her Chicago heart.

Sara Russo, Media Intern

A unicorn at heart, Margaret Shaul comes on board in the Nashville location as a Strategy and Design Intern. A recent graduate of Belmont University, with a degree in marketing, Margaret passes the time by falling in Wikipedia rabbit holes and organizing. She’s always wanted to replace her staircase with a slide, and with a career goal of leading an organization, we’re sure she can get that taken care of.

Margaret Shaul, Strategy and Design Intern

Clemmie Weddle — CJ for short — is a Mississippi native, born and raised on a row crop and livestock operation. When she’s not working on her degree in Agriculture Education, Leadership and Communication, she’s reading and looking towards the future. CJ aims to be an ag advocate while traveling the world! She joins our team as the MSPB Communications Intern. To get back to her roots and excel in her work, Ms. Weddle will report from the great state of Mississippi!

Clemmie Weddle, MSPB Communications Intern

Nashville needs an Account Management Intern, and Nate Wilkinson is the guy for the job. Nate has a passion for marketing and working out, what a combo. He lives by the words of Wayne Gretzky, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” and a personal hashtag of #hungry. With this go-get-em attitude and we can assume, hunger for success (or food, either way), we know he will fit right in!

Nate Wilkinson, Account Management Intern

Just a taste of some of our fresh faces! But wait, there’s more…

Stay tuned for our next blog where we may welcome a few new “fresh faces”. In the meantime, keep up to date with everything our interns are doing this summer! Check out the following hashtags to see the latest from this group: #obpinterns #obpintern19.

Cheers to the OBP Intern Class of 2019!


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