The Nihilistic Purity of the Far Left Will Kill Us All
Sammy Leonard

Since Democrats need to stop focusing on the White House and return to power in Congress and the legislatures, I am more and more leaning towards the idea that Bernie Sanders should be allowed to take the nomination in 2020, even drafted. No Democrat should stand in his way.

Why? So that the hipster nihilists can OWN his pending defeat in its entirety. Only when they actually SEE how bad of a general election candidate he is — only when they SEE his ginormous oppo file in actual, effective use against him — will they ever accept the truth for themselves. They will not be chastened until they are decisively defeated.

So let the puritopians devote their entire mass and energy to the next Walter Mondale-level defeat in presidential politics. It will serve as a perfect distraction while the real Democrats seize control of the means of redistricting, save Planned Parenthood, and restore the Voting Rights Act.