What’s up ARKit? #10 — 3D Scanning, SamMiti AR, Playground AR, Xamarin ARKit

Oscar Falmer
Sep 10, 2018 · 2 min read

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📫 News

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What I learnt making 5 ARKit Prototypes


Nathan Gitter @nathangitter released a lot of ARKit 2.0 concepts videos and made an analysis about it.


3D Objects Scanning for Big Objects


Laan Labs (@laanlabs) showed a very nice video of an app they are working on that does 3D scanning, if you want to join the beta: 3DScannerApp.com.

🛠 Tutorials

Building a Gesture-Based Interface iOS App with Core ML and ARKit


Bruno Muniz (@brunomuniz_af) wrote a nice tutorial about using Core ML and ARKit features to do a little app, can give you interesting ideas!

🖥 Source Code

glTF to USDZ Converter


Timvan Scherpenzeel has an interesting project up on GitHub that converts a glTF file to USDZ, if you want to understand more about USDZ, you should check it out.

Thanks to Marcin Ignac (@marcinignac) for sharing some pics about it.

Exploring New iOS 12 ARKit capabilities with Xamarin


For those who use Xamarin, here is a nice quick introduction to ARKit 2.0 with Xamarin.

SamMiti AR


Virakri (@virakri) shared his work on an ARKit framework available on GitHub that features : Placing Multiple Virtual Objects (including on vertical planes), Quick Drop, Preview in AR with No Effort, Interaction with Fluidity, Interaction with Snapy Zoom, All-in-one Virtual Objects Manipulating Interaction, Customizable AR Focus Point.

📲 Apps

Playground AR — Physics Sandbox


Marc Sureda (@msureda) made a very fun game app that allows you to play around with blocks, dynamites, rockets, tanks that can fire, etc, very fun! AppStore Link

Blue Sky Paint — Paint in the sky with everyone


Aidan Wolf (@Aidan_Wolf) released a very simple fun app available on iOS. Everyone can draw in the sky and see other people drawings as well.

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This is a Weekly Newsletter about ARKit you can subscribe to at WhatsUpARKit.com

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