What’s up ARKit? #4 — Shopify Quick Look, Chemistry Education and USB File Explorer

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Momentum keeps growing around ARKit, analysts keep predicting how big it is going to be very soon, businesses around it are more and more created. Exciting news and also new concepts such as the USB File Explorer and Cards for teaching Chemistry.

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Travel Portals for Businesses


Metaverse built an augmented reality teleportal using Apple’s ARKit that allows customers to walk through into another world revealing the magic of a Majestic cruise location. Once through the portal, you can look around and even look back through the portal to the real world.

Very well made, there is a video you can check out in the link, they are know selling this AR Portal to other companies as well.

Apple could rake in $11 billion from augmented reality


« Wamsi Mohan from Bank of America Merrill Lynch predicts Apple could make an additional $1 billion before 2020 from sales of AR software.

In addition, he expects Apple to include dedicated 3D sensors to the back of the 2019 iPhone (there are already such sensors in the front). This would bring increased device sales to people who want AR apps, netting Apple an additional $6B to $8B before 2020. »

« “I view AR as profound. Not today, not the app you’ll see on the App Store today, but what it will be, what it can be, I think it’s profound. And I think Apple is in a really unique position to lead in this area,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said last fall. »


Shopify AR Quick Look Integration


Daniel Beauchamp (@pushmatrix), Head of Virtual and Augmented Reality @ Shopify, just published how his team at Spotify integrated AR Quick Look with products.

You can even already try it, with Magnolia Market where, if you have iOS 12 installed on your device, already has the feature integrated. You can try it here => Magniolia. Tried it, great simple and smooth experience!

He also wrote a Medium publication right about it => Medium Post.

Thanks a lot to Robleh @robjama, also working at Shopify, for letting me knows about it.

AR USB File Explorer


Jacobo Koenig (@jacobokoenig) made an AR Concept with ARKit of how we could interact with a USB key to see what’s inside.

Education — AR Chemistry


Nate Swanner (@NateSwanner) created a very well designed and working concept of chemistry education using cards with ARKit.

[ Update : I have received some messages telling me it is not an ARKit demo, my bad, this is the original link from 2015: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DXLyBQTS5-w Luckily, still real and not CGI! ]

🖥 Source Code

ARKit Starter Guide


Manu (@codePrincess) just published on GitHub the ressources that she used for ARKit courses and workshops. It includes all the basics and more advanced knowledge you need to build your ARKit app, definitely worth checking it out if you want to build your first ARKit app.

📲 Apps

Just A Line


Some Googlers created this simple app that allows to draw in AR like we’ve seen before but with the big difference that you can actually share the experience with other iOS and Android Devices. It uses the freshly new ARCore Cloud Anchors.

🕹 Random Cool Stuff

AR Hambuger Menu


We all know the Hambergu menu, well Fabio Giolito (@fabiogiolito) created one of a new kind!

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This is a Weekly Newsletter about ARKit you can subscribe to at WhatsUpARKit.com

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