What’s up ARKit? #5 — Heart beat Visualisation, Wizard’s Duel, Lego & Amazon’s AR

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📫 News

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Lego, Amazon: big companies keep integrating AR in their apps and products. This week, we have a lot of cool and inspiring demos!

Enjoy the 5th issue,

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BrickHeadz AR: Lego brings bricks and toy figures into augmented reality app


At WWDC ’18, Apple showed an upcoming LEGO AR app that allows your LEGOs to animate and interact with each other. Looks like the app is already available for Android!

Amazon’s iPhone app adds AR feature for identifying and buying small nuts and bolts


Amazon updated the camera search on its iOS app with a new “Part Finder,” which lets you search for specific nuts and bolts that you might need more of, but need help identifying. If Amazon’s AR tech can figure out what it is, the app will help you easily buy more of the random screw you’re searching for.


Kitchen Timers


Using motion blur, adaptive lighting, and depth of field, Morten Just (@mortenjust) published a beautiful example of the integration of ARKit in your kitchen, check out all the timers!

Image Live Tracking + Cartoon Animation


Julia Sourikoff @cabbibo shows up an example of a animated character walking when a card is moving. It uses Mixamo technology for 3D animations. Is it an upcoming interesting way of creating a cartoon? There are definitely possibilities in this field.

I also noticed that she has a beautiful website with her projects, worth checking out as well -> here.

🛠 Tutorials

Introduction to AR Quick Look in iOS 12


Sai Kambampati (@Sai_K1065) has done again another great tutorial, usually he writes amazing Core ML ones, but this time he made one about AR Quick Look! As always very complete and interesting, thanks Sai for helping the community!

ARKit Lighting in React Native


In case there are some ARKit devs here using React Native, here is an introduction to it by Evan Bacon @Baconbrix.

🖥 Source Code

Wizard’s Duel: Designing a Cross-Platform Multiplayer Augmented Reality Game in Unity3D using Google Cloud Anchors


If you want to get into shared experiences, I invite you to check out this cool work with the Medium post that goes with it -> post. Source code is right here.

📲 Apps

Visualize your heart beat


If you own an Apple Watch you can now see your heart beating on your iPhone, isn’t it crazy?

Link to the AppStore -> Download

🕹 Random Cool Stuff

May the force be with you


Using Core ML, the device is capable of understand when the hand is close or open, it creates the “force” and then the user can move around a stormtrooper thanks to his hand using the “force”.

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This is a Weekly Newsletter about ARKit you can subscribe to at WhatsUpARKit.com

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