What’s up ARKit? #6— AR Pirate Exhibition and Eyes Tracking Keyboard

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AR Accessibility, Education, Art, Games demos and new startups: AR on mobile keeps showing how much it is going to change our world. Pretty amazed by this week’s news, hope you’ll like them! Also created 2 new categories: Business and Startups sections.

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Accessibility — Typing on the keyboard with your eyes


DropTalkDev (@DropTalkDev) published a demo of a WIP to type on a keyboard using the brand new Eye Tracking feature coming with iOS 12 by looking at the buttons and blinking.

AR for Anatomy Education


Jaime Donally (@JaimeDonally) published a video of the app
Virtuali-Tee by Curiscope (@Curiscope) that allows to have a full explanation of the anatomy simply by wearing a tshirt and using the app. Not made with ARKit but definitely could have be done with it as well!

The app is available right here: AppStore link.

Art — Pirate Exhibition


Check out the pirate exhibition Georgii Kuznetsov and Andrey Blokhin created on this instagram page. They released an app (Available here) that lets you enjoy an exhibition at Centre Pompidou Museum in Paris, France in another way than the one you see in the museum.

Future of Cards Games? — Living Magic Cards


Geoffrey Palmer @livingcardsmtg showed off some work in progress of “Magic” Cards getting animations, great work that shows probably the future of cards games.

🌟AR Startups

AR Analytics — Digi-Capital


Discovered this interesting other company as well: analytics of everything related to XR with custom very complete reports.

AR Food — Kabaq


Discovered this startup doing all-kind of AR related food products: Menu Presentations, In Restaurant Food Ordering, 3D Banner Ads, they seem to be really well rounded around it!

🛠 Tutorials

Tutorial for Metal if you use Metal with your AR app


The Metal Expert Warren Moore (@warrenm) published the second part of his tutorial about making a modern Metal app, could be really useful if you’re using Metal in your ARKit App. He goes into details about overs lighting, materials, texturing, and the basics of scene graphs in this one.

💼 Business

762 Million AR-Compatible Smartphones in the Wild


A complete analysis on the current and future of AR on mobile.

“ARKit and ARCore also carry their parents’ DNA. For Apple, it’s all about apps; for Google, the web. For developers, that means ARCore could reach more users, but ARkit could be more monetizable though standard app revenue models (i.e. downloads, in-app purchases, etc.).”

How ARKit will make more money than ARCore or Camera Effects (for now) | TechCrunch


If you were still wondering why ARKit, here is a detail analysis of the subject.

🕹 Random Cool Stuff

Daft Punk Robot in the Street


Alexey Severin @AlexeySeverin did a pretty fun robot dance with ARKit, I let you discover!

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This is a Weekly Newsletter about ARKit you can subscribe to at WhatsUpARKit.com

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