What’s up ARKit? #7 — AR Restaurant Menu Concept, SceneKit 3D animations

Oscar Falmer
Aug 7, 2018 · 2 min read

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📫 News

Hi 👋

I released this week a new AR Concept of an AR Restaurant Menu, you can check it out: Tweet / YouTube Video. Also, I will be speaking at SwiftConf in Cologne, Germany next month, hope to see some of you there!

Enjoy the issue,

Oscar @osfalmer


AR Restaurant Menu Concept


Finally discover what the dishes really look like and check out their reviews! You can watch it in Full HD here: YouTube link Created by myself.

[ARKit + Unity3D] video shows the potential of AR for film-making


Duncan Walker @Trashgames created a short example a movie with a robot shot entirely with an iPhone 7 using ARKit.

Recognizing watches in a catalogue and trying them on


Jacobo Koening @jacobokoenig released a very good concept: browsing a watches catalogue and being able to see them instantly on your wrist.

🛠 Tutorials

Design+Course course about ARKit


Meng To @mengto and his Design+Code team released their course about ARKit, I strongly recommend it if you’re looking for a great course to dive in ARKit. Course Link

Animating a 3D model in AR with ARKit, SceneKit and Mixamo


Amazing tutorial about 3D animations in SceneKit, strongly recommend it!

🖥 Source Code

Cross Platform Light Estimation


The ARKit Unity Evangelist Dan Miller @DanMillerDev just published some source code that shows up the capability of doing cross platform light estimation between ARCore and ARKit.

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This is a Weekly Newsletter about ARKit you can subscribe to at WhatsUpARKit.com

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Oscar Falmer

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iOS & ARKit Developer, Maker of TweetReality

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