What’s up ARKit? #8— Persistence AR Experience, Balls Distance Measurement

Oscar Falmer
Aug 20, 2018 · 2 min read

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📫 News

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Enjoy the 8th issue!

Oscar @osfalmer


3D View of Hurricane Hector


Rendered from NOAA satellite imagery using Mapbox SDK and #ARKit, Jim Martin (@JimIndeed) created this AR view of the Hurricane.

Wrapping Books in Web Pages


Morten Just (@mortenjust) wrapped some books with web pages, looks surprisingly nice. From a technical POV, it’s just a box geometry same height as the book, then moved down by height * 0.5.

Balls Distance Measurement


Laan Labs (@laanlabs) worked on some sphere detection in AR and created a bocce ball scoring mode for their app AirMeasure.

Hand-written list of tech instructions for your mom


Morten Just (@mortenjust) used Image Live Tracking to show handwritten tech instructions! Looks great, could be used with the 3D Object Detection feature of ARKit 2.0 as well.

🛠 Tutorials

Saving and Restoring ARWorldMap to Create a Persistence AR Experience


Great tutorial about ARWorldMap, really recommend spending 30min to do it to get around the ARWorldMap object and realise how simple it is to use.

🖥 Source Code

AR Face Deformation using Unity ARKit Plugin


KitasenjuDesign (@kitasenjudesign) made an app that deforms your face using Unity and uploaded the source code of AR Face Deformation => source code.

📲 Apps

Hello, Sun. — Use the app for gardening, property inspection, photography, optimise your life in the sun now


Visualise the sun’s position through the seasons and see its effect on your surroundings in augmented reality. Use the app for gardening, interior design, and photography, optimise your life in the sun now!AppStore Link / Website Link. Very nice UI/UX and it is free!

Geogebra AR — Maths in the real world


Using the Geogebra AR app available on the AppStore, Tim Brzezinski (@dynamic_math) did great examples of how to use the app to get the maths formulas of different objects or apply the formulas and visualize them in the real world.

Lamp Example, Trampoline Example, Light Bulb, and many more on his Twitter account.

AppStore Link

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This is a Weekly Newsletter about ARKit you can subscribe to at WhatsUpARKit.com

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