What’s up ARKit? #9 — Hands Gestures Control, USDZ Generator, Movie Previews IRL

Oscar Falmer
Sep 1, 2018 · 3 min read

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📫 News

Hi 👋

Recently met a couple devs working on exciting AR apps that I featured below. ARKit related startups keep releasing beta invitations to devs. We’ll see as well the new ARKit 2.0 apps released on the AppStore with iOS 12 really soon.

Enjoy the 9th issue,

Oscar @osfalmer

You can now easily integrate AR content in Apple News articles today by embedding a USDZ file


David Lui (@lDavixl), who is working at Apple, shared that you can now easily integrate AR content in Apple articles today by embedding a usdz file! This is the Apple documentation about it.

Control your ARKit experience with your hands — ManoMotion SDK opened in beta


ManoMotion is a startup working on using very precise hand tracking to control AR experiences including ARKit. They recently opened their beta to developers which you can subscribe to on their website her.

You should also check out this demo made by a japanese dev @lileaLab with it: link.

Apple released USDZ tools to generate USDZ files


Warren Moore @warrenm spotted that the ARKit Quick Look Gallery now includes a link to download a package containing stand-alone USD (v18.09) libs and Python scripts to drive them.

The ZIP file is available at the bottom of https://developer.apple.com/arkit/gallery/


Movies Previews on Theatres


Jacobo Koenig (@jacobokoenig) created a concept that shows movies previews directly on theatres.

Get into any AR space in the world


Alberto Taiuti (@albtaiuti) and Jordan Campbell (@jordanNZ_AR) are building an app that allows you to place any 3D environment selected on a map where you currently are. Cool demo!

Responsive XR Design Exploration: Bridges


Cabbibo (@Cabbibo) created an example of interactions with AR and cards. He/She also did a full thread about the XR reflection behind it.

On the same note, you can check out Cameron Horst work.

🌟AR Startups

6D.ai — AR Cloud startup now supports SceneKit & Swift


6D.ai AR Cloud startup recently updated their beta with SceneKit & Swift support, you can get into the beta on their website 6D.ai.

📲 Apps

JIDO-RHYTHM — Fun Face ARKit App


Recently discovered this really fun concept app with amazing effects on your face while playing a song. This is the dev’s website kitasenjudesign.com and link to download the free app — download.

Programming Education with Rosie the small robot


Rosie introduces your child to robotics and programming through adventurous puzzles and active play. A fun and educational AR app for iPhone. Download for free here.

Met one of their dev Florian Maushart @FloMaushart, strongly recommend to follow him as well!

Tonic — Learning Chords on your Piano


Daniel (@danielkuntz0) created an app to learn over 130 chords on your piano in AR. Available now for free here: download. Check out the demo video.

Kouji! Your cute avatar in augmented reality


Create an avatar and create some cool animations, also supports an animoji-like mode, you can put your avatar face on your head, even before iOS 12 is released!

Met one of their dev Romain Boinot, they are coming up with exciting updates as well!

Download for free here.

🕹 Random Cool Stuff

“You must update your iOS 12 beta”


Thanks Sai Kambampati @Sai_K1065 for sending it to me! This is referring to all the alerts we all received on iOS 12 beta 11 when we were unlocking our phones.

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Previous Issue -> What’s up ARKit? #8 — Persistence AR Experience, Balls Distance Measurement

This is a Weekly Newsletter about ARKit you can subscribe to at WhatsUpARKit.com

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