“Tip: add a high resolution image to your story to capture people’s interest” Does this do the trick?

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Random “curation” (ripping other people’s posts and newsletters) with copied and pasted highlights, because I’m too scared and lazy to write anything original.

“Working daily across so many disciplines, from Engineering to Product Management, Research, Content Strategy and an array of Design specialties, every little overhead in the transfer of information compounds. Inversely, every optimization and positive connection significantly lowers friction for everyone.

This is why we’ve created DesignOps, to ease collaboration and amplify effectiveness, not only across product disciplines, but also between the increasingly complex world of Product Design.”

DesignOps at Airbnb 
How we manage effective design at scale.
(5 min read)

“Most organizations are coming to understand systems and why they are important. However, how much does it cost? What team do we need?”

Designing a Systems Team 
Models and lessons learned to scale a team for an enterprise.
(11 min read)

“Content testing asks users to respond to copy only — no visuals, no interactions. Just words. Think of content testing as prototyping the conversation we have with customers. Like other research methods, this is a method you can use if you decide it’s right for the types of questions you have.

In a content test, we present a customer with copy — printed simply on paper — and then ask a question related to how and what we’re communicating, such as, “Using your blue highlighter, highlight anything that you like,” or “Using green, underline anything that makes it feel like we ‘get’ you and your business.” Then we ask people to talk about what they underlined and why.”

When Should We Turn to Content Testing? 
A primer on a great UX research method to help you design the conversation and evaluate the effectiveness of your words.
(7 min read)

“Rolling research is a process based on ongoing, regularly scheduled research sessions. It’s a lightweight, flexible way to establish a steady stream of answers to your organization’s latest usability questions. Because it happens on a predetermined schedule, uses the same basic methods every time, and can cover a variety of topics and products, it’s more efficient to implement than conventional session-by-session research.”

Rolling Research 
Keep the Insights Coming: Quick answers to light-weight research questions.
(7 min read)

“In summary, you can build a defensible business model as a system of engagement, intelligence, or record, but with the advent of AI, intelligent applications will be the fountain of the next generation of great software companies because they will be the new moats.”

The New Moats 
Why Systems of Intelligence are the Next Defensible Business Model.
(11 min read)

“Your website should be so simple, a drunk person could use it. You can’t test that. I’ll do it for you.”


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