Guide To Growing A Beard

Oscar Souter
Oct 15, 2018 · 3 min read

This article show you the best way to grow a beard yourself, while using 12 week challenge. It is a step-by-step beginner’s guide utilizing a simple 3-stage process. The guide will highlight what to avoid when growing a beard, as well providing tips that may help you style and shape your beard along the way. It boils down to the one month grow.
Stage 1: 30 days Growth
You will want beard, you might have just finished your last shave and you are investigating an absolutely bare-faced excuse of a man. What do you do?
You start by growing your beard first month.
This is probably the most difficult phase of beard growth, as well as the most uncontrollable. I want you to simply let your undesired facial hair grow for One month solid, no trimming! Do your best you’ll find the interest rate of growth flowing hair follicles produce, that will demonstrate your bearded potential.
Sometimes everybody can grow a successful bodied beard but there’s merely one strategy for finding out — let it grow. It’ll look rugged at the beginning, you might get comments, and it’ll agitate you, but after this phase it gets good.
I first grew mine when I started travelling. No one knew who I became, no one knew exactly what a looked like so growing a beard was normal because no one knew me otherwise. In case you have an overall length of time where you will be far from home, a great possibility to get growing.

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2 week Itch
Across the Fourteen days period you’ll probably get the 2 week itch. Whenever you shave, the cut can leave the information of your unwanted facial hair quite sharp. As time goes nice hair can curl striking areas of the skin which results in the dreaded itchy phase, the worst a part of growing a beard.
I have discovered it won’t last for very long and be fair you will get through it easily enough, it is not the end of the planet nevertheless it might cause a lot of irritation and discomfort. There are several measures you’ll be able to decide to use ensure that is stays with an even keel.
- Use beard oil
An excellent opportunity by using a quality beard oil. It’s going to condition your beard leaving it soft and healthy. It will also moisturise and hydrate the skin under your unwanted facial hair, eliminating beard dandruff thus avoiding any skin irritations. Be sparing though! Exclusively use maybe 5 pence coin sized drop worth of Beard Oil.. you undoubtedly don’t need a great deal, it goes quite a distance, and this will just help to make it a little more bearable.
- Avoid alcohol
Say what? No, don’t be concerned, After all don’t use any products which has a high alcohol content on your beard. This will likely dry skin, that can then raise the chance of itching, so avoid moisturisers with any alcohol content and opt for the organic choices to reach the best results.
These two steps could keep the unwanted facial hair and skin healthy, and can help in the dreaded itch phase. During these initial two weeks, ensure that you keep the environment of growth natural to get the best results, and you manage the itch phase you will possess turned a major corner.
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