Backed by an experience of, 1000+ explainer videos, We’ll reveal, how the explainer Video, Production process works.

Explainer Video Production
Explainer Video Production

Explainer Video Production is the same for, Each Set Of Explainer Videos. Let’s look at the steps, that are included, and understand, What Is Explainer Video Production Procedure.

The process of Explainer Video Production is determined by, The Type Of Explainer Video, or the marketing video, your PRODUCT or SERVICE demands.

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The process of Explainer Video Production is determined by, The Type Of Explainer Video, or the marketing video, your PRODUCT or SERVICE demands.

What are the types of Explainer Videos or Marketing Videos?

There are much more than just 7 of these basic Explainers or Marketing Video types. But here we highlight the basics of the Explainer Video types.

1. 2D Animated Explainer Video

2. News Person Explainer Video

3. 3D Graphical Explainer Video

4. Ads with Models or Celebs

5. Kinetic Typography Explainer Video

6. Motion Graphics Explainer Video

7. Whiteboard Animated Explainer Video.

In this video, we will reveal, what are the steps, involved in a 2d Animated, Explainer Video Production procedure.

2D Animated Explainer Video Production Procedure includes 5 Main Steps to milk till the last ounce of info from a client’s perspective of what explainer video should do for their product or their service.

What Is Explainer Video Production’s 5 Step Procedure?

1) Client Meeting — Here we determine the brand colors, fonts, type of the explainer video format, demographics of the explainer video audience, some examples of videos client likes, etc.

2) Explainer Video Script — Here our copywriters who would have the client’s back backed by data to explain their product or service. Copywriters follow the AIDA principle as explained earlier to create the script.
Also, script length is dependent on the client’s budget and depth of explanation required for the product or service. Once the client approves the script next step should follow.

3) StoryBoard — Once the script is ready, the client is sent types of characters used or icons, the typography used. In other words, the client almost gets a clear picture of how their video would look like in for of screenshots.

4) Animation — After the storyboard is approved by the client, animators spring into action and get their magic fingers on canvas with tools like adobe after effects, videoscribe or other whiteboard video software.

5) Voice Over and Background Music — Once the animation is complete, Voiceover artists perform the voiceover where the script is narrated in mood appropriate to video’s demographics.
Background music is chosen and synced to the genre and mood of the explainer video.

That’s all we have with the Explainer Video Production at WWWDesign Explainers.

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The Author Robert Charlton is an Explainer Video Evangelist at WWWDesign.

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