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Hi everyone,

So we recently sent out a newsletter a few days ago and we received a little piece of feedback to make our newsletter shorter and prompt folks to our blog if they wanted more details about our status. We think this is a great idea so from now on, we’ll make our newsletter a little less shorter with key bullet points and add more info here for those of you who follow us a little closer. As always, thanks for reading. Here’s our recent update that was part of our newsletter in case you recently signed up:


If you’re new to our email list, it’s great to have you! If you’ve been on our email list for a while, sorry we haven’t kept you up to date on our progress. Some of you reached out wondering whether we were still working on delivering month-to-month electronic kits and the answer is yes! We most definitely are and we’ve been spending our time getting our first kit completed. What it comes down to is that we’re bootstrapping Thimble and the whole journey has been a lot harder than we imagined but we’ve made lots of progress. We’re learning that you want us to be a bit more transparent about that progress so we hope to go over that in this note with five bullet points — one of which includes news about our upcoming launch that we’ll be doing as part of a kickstarter!

First kit and learning app? Our first kit we’re launching is the wifi-enabled robot which you’ll be able to control with your phone, tablet, laptop, or any internet-connected device. We finished the designs for the printed circuit boards and they look great! Below are a couple of photos of what the boards look like. A big thanks to OSHPark for making these look gorgeous! Also, we’re working on the learning app which will guide you through the construction process. We’ll show you screenshots over the next few weeks.

We attended NYC Maker Faire: NYC Maker Faire in September came and went and we spent the whole weekend talking to more people than we could have imagined. But we learned a lot about your expectations about what monthly kits should and could look like. At this point, we have a laundry list of project ideas to implement over the coming months including alarm clocks, desk gadgets, games, quadcopters, hexapods, home automation devices, and more. If you have specific ideas you’d like to see, please let us know!

The survey to learn more about you: We were pleased to see such a diverse crowd of people interested in our concept. We received responses from kids, high school and college students, young adults, IT professionals, engineers, parents, and grandparents. We’re getting to know you and what you expect from us. If you didn’t get a chance to fill the survey out, here is the link for it.

New York’s Next Top Makers: We’ve been selected as one of ten finalists to be part of a great program in NYC intended for maker-type companies. We’ll be doing our final pitch tomorrow, Tuesday, November 3rd. Getting into a program like this would provide us with support through a seven-month incubation studio which includes access to mentors, content experts, workspace, and equipment to build future kits. Wish us luck!

Kickstarter: Yes, we’re doing a kickstarter as part of launching the first kit! We were going to do one earlier this year but we weren’t ready because the hardware prototypes needed a bit more time but we’re now at a point where production is in sight — so we’re picking up where we left off. As far as a date, our goal to launch is December 8th and we’ve been pretty occupied setting up outreach efforts. We plan to send you weekly updates as we get closer, including asking for some help spreading the word. We certainly won’t be able to this alone so any help you could provide would be amazing — even if that means you’re sharing this note with someone who you think would enjoy our concept.

Well, we didn’t want to make this too long of a note but we owed you an update and we promise we’ll be writing more so you can check in. The good news is that we’re almost there and we appreciate your patience. If you have any questions or key insights about anything we’re doing — please write us. After working on this for ten months now, we really enjoy hearing from you and answering your questions.

Thanks again for reading and you’ll hear from us very soon,


Oscar and Dave”

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