Mass Media Violence

In the time we are currently living in, it is safe to say that mass media is a major part of all of our everyday lives. Whether it be the television, phone, computer, it’s everywhere. Nowadays, children and teens are usually exposed to as much media as most adults. So when the type of media portrayed is violent media, more negative effects are shown throughout youth. That is a serious issue because they become desensitized to violence and violence becomes normalized to them.

Now a days the media we consume everyday is filled with violence, either hidden or boldly shown. Video games, television, and music are the main types of media that have the most influence on the youth. And the most popular types of movies, music, and video games have some types of violence and violent messages within them. Many of these types of media just make it normal for kids to view violence as a regular part of our lives and that can be extremely harmful. Children should not be exposed to such types of negative behaviors because they tend to mimic behaviors they see from adults. Especially when they are not sure about whether the behavior they are mimicking is acceptable or not. And that can eventually lead to serious negative behaviors when they grow up.

That is why it is important for parents and adult fugures to help children know the differences between real life and media portrayed violence. Parents and adults have big influence over children, so educating your kids about violent media and the negative affects can be very helpful in their development as adults.

Here is a short video on violent media and it’s effect on children