I May Have Witnessed a Revolution!

Growing up in an African religious household meant a few things.

“Your parents were never wrong.”

“You would not be given enough room to experience life and make your own mistakes.” (Not on their watch)

The rod would not be spared on your buttocks, because the good book said so Proverbs 13:24.”

And Religion was not a choice, it was your birthright. Jesus died for your sins and you had no choice but to accept him and believE.

No choice at all..

And having that meant all you needed to solve all your problems was go to church and pray .. And if by chance you lived a shitty life, it was because you didn’t have enough faith

Supernatural faith indeed was all you needed to have all your needs met.

Quite Frankly, it was all you needed to move mountains. (Literally)

I grew up believing.

till I didnt anymore.

I was tired of being religious because I was supposed to be.

I was currently suffering from depression, anxiety and insomnia.

I had recently lost the will to live.

I had prayed because i was told that’s what I needed to do.

But nothing happened…

So I stopped praying and started asking questions.

Wasn’t it supposed to be that easy?

You ask and recieve?

You seek and find?

Was I just unlucky?

Or hadn’t been good enough

I needed answers so I sought out religion on my own, maybe if i had a personal encounter it would all make sense?

I can say “Well yeah, there’s a God, he exists, and I have felt him”

I needed something to make sense.

I am writing this because at about 5:00pm today, after a long unproductive day at work. I reluctantly packed my bags and headed home.

For some strange reason I was prompted to walk into a small church on my way back .

So here I was, sitted, a little displaced and confused as to why I even bothered with this and the preacher walked up to the podium and said

Today we shall discuss Mental Health, Depression, Domestic violence, Suicide e.tc and the flawed assumption that just “prayers” can fix everything….

For a minute i thought for sure, this was a fragment of my imagination.

Was it possible that i found a church that discussed real issues and encouraged it’s members to seek help?

A church that even listed out names of psychiatrists that could help you.

Was it possible that the pastor didn’t believe that Suicidal tendencies were caused by demons?

that needed to be casted out….

Was it possible that practicality and religion could function together?

That there was logic, rooted in the fact that God himself made these resources possible?

I sat there and listened to him say all the right things and I believed again.

I stopped believing in coincidences last year, they don’t exist.

And my little encounter with this church proved me right. Yet again..

Because this was no mere coincidence.

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