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(Episode 1 spoilers inside)

Almost everything in Target of Desire has multiple interpretations. The simplest explanation is not necessarily the correct one. It’s easy to make certain assumptions, and miss subtle details.

One such detail is the nature of The Helper. The Helper is who Maia calls for help after she finds the men in suits at the cabin.

Who is Maia calling?

After Maia calls The Helper, a large man comes and takes her to the wise man. Thus, it’s easy to assume Maia called the wise man on the phone.

(Episode 1 spoilers inside)

Maria: Are you living in a simulation?

In her blog, Maria discusses the question, “Are you living in a simulation?”, but who exactly is she talking to?

An obvious answer is that the video game is the simulation that Maria is talking about, and Maria is at least somewhat aware that the video game is a simulation.

Another possibility is that Maria is asking the question to the audience. The audience is the people of Earth, who are the players of the video game and the readers of her blog. She is aware that the audience is reading her blog and playing the video game.

The people…

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Creators of the Target of Desire video game series and book series.

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