A jungle with Aliens, without Traitors

A heart misled
in the most heartless fashion
by words of wrong, lies they were.
“But are they?”, bewildered — the heart is.

Musing and musing, thought after thought
the deeper it gets, the harder it feels.
Oh my! The nauseousness…

The anger, the tempest,
relentless — tremendous!

Sanguine repentance,
aching repulses!

Denying the treacherous,
action mindless!

Forcing emotion,
to die in the motion!

“Why the difference made to me?”
I asked myself and one.
“For better best or something else”
No pretense to save the modesty.

Depend less, attach less
just the right amount.
The circles we live in
will never let us out.

Creatures of bind — we are
living off each other so far.
Born to disappoint,
real opportunists,
for a second of tiny happiness,
become us, the real shits!

So why would not I be,
wanting to be in a jungle with aliens
- without traitors?


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