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This all reminds me of when I did the resume for [and you’ll have to check your e-mail to read the rest of this because if the person I wrote about ever chances to see this I’ll be murdered or something, so I’ve edited it out.] Anyway yeah, I’ve done resumes for a couple of really brilliant Actual Genius people and they’re always really bad. Especially when applying for jobs way below or outside of their skill level.

Which is to say that yes, you are probably having resume problems because people who are not hiring for high-level jobs aren’t that interested in doing high-level thinking as to how to fill those jobs. So they just look at your resume, and they probably see that you’re overqualified, which to them equals “this person will want to be paid more than I want to pay them” and then they’re unlikely to call back. Like I said, not much high-level thinking going on here. It’s a shame, but that’s the system we’ve got to work with.

It should be easy to explain your unemployment. Just say your wife got sick (likely not a lie since she probably has depression/anxiety) and that it was an emergency that necessitated that you leave the workforce to stay at home and take care of your family for a while.

I’ll tailor your resume for you for free if you want. Send it to (you can change company names and your name for privacy’s sake; then change them back once I send it back to you).

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