How to describe how you feel…


If I really think about it, I suppose I could describe it that way.

I’m going to write things now and they won’t make much sense.

So here I go:

Giggly pigs have no fur and keep no dogs as pets. Lemons grow grass spastically. Don’t they know what it’s like to be slimy? I’m sure they don’t even care what carpet weighs. me is eerie in ways to build a cabin, come right on in and learn how to become a stock broker and a mermaid rocker table cushion cousin beenie-babie allergic to its own run on sentences!!! Jesus…was a cool cat and I have never beaten her at checkers but I always appreciated the balloon ride and every time I thought of our divorce, I relished my hotdog and licked my eel, Erwig. So now, cometh the tides of Gromulon. The King hath stolen all my fruit carts. Nobody has a care about yogurt as a staple and that will enrage the people! Enrageeee them! Millions of hair. The softest armpits. NO hair there. Glorious perceptions. A touch. A being. Wizdom is my heartache. Rows upon rows of heated spoons dipped in fermented honey get smacked between all of my ex-teachers corneas. Pop* She says with an asterisk** Pop Pop* Kaapluuueee. I spit out all my teeth and find no more gum and that’s how I know.

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