HAPPY INTERVIEW with Melissa Maker from Clean My Space

Interviews were part of my blog’s agenda from the beginning. 
Discussing my monthly Happiness Tasks with inspiring people and experts, talking about happiness and inspiration. It is fascinating.

I have been following Melissa Maker from ‘Clean My Space’ for years. 
Melissa is a blogger, an amazing You-Tuber, a fellow business owner and a cleaning expert. Her YouTube channel is one of my very favorites.

There are many YouTube channels that focus on cleaning but Clean My Space is different. Melissa’s channel offers efficient cleaning tips for people who don’t like spending a lot of time, effort or money on cleaning. People like me, that is :)

Melissa is down to earth, her house looks like an actual home, her tips are very helpful and applicable. The blog’s authenticity makes me feel at home. 
I have been watching so many YouTube videos in January, trying to implement a cleaning routine, trying to keep the house clean. I’ve watched literally a hundred of videos, gathering tips, and I’ve noticed the best tips were from ‘Clean My Space’.

While I was cleaning my sink with a microfiber cloth, happy about my clean-looking sink, I thought about interviewing Melissa for my blog. I was literally jumping for joy when she agreed.

Melissa, tell me a little bit about yourself. Who are you, Melissa Maker?

I graduated from business school and started working in a bank. It was a decent job, the kind of job people only dream of but I started having doubts. I asked myself: “Why am I doing this?” and deep down I knew I wanted to start my own business. At that time I met Chad, who later on became my husband. He encouraged me to start my journey as a business owner. I was waiting tables while trying to figure out what business I want to have. I heard many people around me saying: “I need a good cleaning lady!” I didn’t know anything about cleaning but I knew it sounded like a good business opportunity. I learned everything there is to know about cleaning and started a cleaning service business.

What made you create your own YouTube channel and blog?
In 2011 I’ve decided to create my own YouTube channel in order to find more clients. With time people started adding comments, looking for specific tips, asking questions about cleaning. I started answering their questions with my weekly videos, offering tips especially for them. In 2014 my husband Chad quit his job and joined my business. The vlog really helped my business grow. It created a loyal fan base. Every week they follow my weekly videos and asking to know more. I create my videos for them. I owe it all to my fans.

That’s where I had to ask… How did you overcome camera shyness?
I never had it! I always felt good speaking in public, it was natural for me to use this media.

Melissa added:
The blog is an essential part of my business routine. Every Tuesday we film a new video and upload it to YouTube and to the blog. Wednesday to Friday are dedicated to the work itself, for example, I have been working hard on the Clean My Space book lately, so naturally Wednesday to Friday were dedicated to book related tasks like going to New York to record the audio version of the book, which was exciting and overwhelming, knowing people like Bill Clinton and James Earl Jones recorded in the same place.

What inspires you?
Helping people inspire me. 
I love helping people and I feel my videos help in a unique way. The thing is I don’t like cleaning, but I like a clean space. I don’t hide it, not even in my videos. Sharing my story with people, I get to help them with answering their questions and they help me with asking more questions. It’s really an amazing circle. I love listening to my fans. They inspire me.

What makes you happy?
I’m happy when I lose track of time. 
This is where I had to jump in and say:
Wow! This is a damn good answer! 
Melissa added:
I’m happy when I’m cooking. I’m happy when I spend time with my loved ones; my husband, my family, friends. I don’t have a lot of friends but the ones I have are very close. Finding ways to help people out makes me happy. Art makes me happy. My cats make me very happy, especially when they purr.

Normally I’d ask you to give my readers tips from your field, but your YouTube channel is filled with amazing tips so my question is: which video was your favorite one to make?

I love making behind the scenes videos, like the one we published last week. I love it when people see that my house is not perfect, it’s just a regular house. Of course I also love hosting celebrities in my videos, it’s always fun and very exciting.

Melissa, you’re a queen! Thank you so much for such a lovely interview!

Here’s a link to Clean My Space: http://cleanmyspace.com/
 And here’s a link to Melissa YouTube channel: https://www.YouTube.com/user/cleanmyspace

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!