“The name “

One of my favorite cities, guess what it is.

The most honest people on earth are on internet, who have weird login names and no avatar pictures. I decided I wanted to be honest in my writings and be free to state my opinion without being worried for possibility of being constantly poured with judgement. Hence the mysterious title and no proper identification of my persona.

Apparently, Osim Chaim, is translated as - “Enjoy life’ from hebrew. I found it out today from the story, my dad has sent me. So I thought it would be cool to name my page like this, because I do enjoy what I do, which is learning, acquiring wisdom, chasing experiences, and anything in the field of my interests. However, to give you a sense of who I am, further down I will share with some details.

Age: 21

Sex: Female

Education: A senior at a Business School

Relationship status: Single

Family: Consists of more than 10 people, its a long story, I will go deeper on this subject on a different post.

Side interests: yoga and it’s healing properties, meditation, business, startups, social entrepreneurship, social impact, craft coffee and anything that is related to innovation.

Race: Asian, however, not related to any major representatives of asian race.

Current occupation : A private consultant for organizational development and a yoga instructor.

Since it is going to be formatted as a personal blog, which will solely share stories based on their merits of benefit for the readers, I will do my best to be of use to the community of Medium readers and myself.

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