The Rest is Just Noise

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There are two prevailing myths about the American political system, especially in terms of the economy. First is that the current system is the best and/or the only system that works for — or can work - for America. That there are no other options. The second myth is that the system needs ‘others’ in order to function. In simple terms, it’s that prosperity and security can only be gained on the backs of somebody, anybody will do. The two major parties are so much alike, but this is where they differ:

Republicans and conservatives prefer it be on the backs of marginalized peoples, based on race, gender, religious minorities and other minorities. They want to roll us backwards, in terms of history.

Democrats prefer it be on the backs of the poor and uneducated, regardless of their race, gender, religion, and other descriptions. Democrats do not want to eradicate oppression, they simply want to change who its victims will be. They call this going forward.

Both parties would have us believe that there are no other options, which is madness if you think about it. Logically, if you always have victims, you will always have revolt. Revolt within the nation is unsustainable, a functional system cannot abide by it. Therefore, it follows that you will never have a functional system using this method.

That peoples of these groups poc/minorities and the poor tend to overlap obfuscates the core issue in that the system only functions with otherized people to begin with.

The rest is just noise.

In truth, we don’t need to otherize people at all. Don’t believe the lies, it is optional. We don’t need to have victims.