Hayward is a borderline top 20 player (but more likely a 20–30 player in the league).
Charles Tyler

“Just two months ago boston fans were talking about how such players were almost untouchable and not worthy to be in trade to get Jimmy or PG13.”

They were? This seems to be complete revisionist history, I don’t know a single Celtics fan that thought any of those three even approached untouchable.

“…if Boston went all in, they could have been something great and really interesting.”

Are you suggesting Danny should have offered even more than he did for George or Butler? Why go “all in” if that means sacrificing 3–5 years from now when, even with PG and Hayward, you are still substantially behind a healthy Warriors team?

I agree that a fantasy scenario that includes acquiring two stars is better than one, but I don’t think your portrayal of the offseason is entirely accurate.

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