On Smart and Rozier, look at celticsblog.com.
Charles Tyler

“ On Smart and Rozier, look at celticsblog.com.”

You’ll find zany opinions on any forum, I don’t this translates into the majority opinion you portrayed it as being.

“ I dont like the idea that you aren’t going to beat the warriors so why even try.”

Nor do I, but you are taking an unnecessarily binary position. It isn’t a choice between going “all in” or nothing, it’s about properly utilizing all your assets while being honest about the mountain immediately in front of you. Especially when part of the “all in” equation explicitly reduces future chances of success for enhanced play in only one season.

“ I also think that simply waiting and hoping that these young players turn into all-nba players is really just wishful thinking.”

Once again, we agree…. and once again you are also thinking too binary. Not trading away young players/picks this year doesn’t mean you are categorically limited to waiting and hoping. It just means a good enough opportunity and/or a willing partner hasn’t yet materialized.

“ Brown has shown little to think that he will one day be an all-nba player”

Brown has shown to be worth the #3 selection given his progression over the course of the season and impressive display in the summer league game this past week. Whether that translates into an all-NBA player, I’m not capable of saying, though the odds are certainly against *any* player reaching those heights.

“ The leak regarding Butler was pretty remarkable”

Agreed, but I find it hard to believe that Danny wasn’t offering something at least comparable to what Indiana accepted for George, even if the “3 firsts and two players” wasn’t on target.

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