Why Women Should Earn More Than Men: We Get Charged More
The Billfold

I’ve thought of this same stuff so many times growing up.

I love reading my exact thoughts put so eloquently into writing.

There’s been such a fuss from privileged men over the idea of getting rid of taxes on tampons here in the U.S. that all I can do is stand in the corner and gape at the idiocy and complete blindness men tend to have when it comes to the negative reality of the female experience.

I’m in no way saying being a man is easy.. I’m just saying it’s a lot easier than being a woman.

From being taken seriously, being listened to, be treated with respect in public, being treated with respect at work, being treated with respect at home, being paid more, having to pay less for necessities, and not constantly being judged by how you look… men get the better end of the stick in 80% of what life dishes out.

And this “men’s rights movement” that has sprung up further proves the sexism that continues to thrive so well in this day and age.