The Substance of Faith

We often miss God, His divine appointments or blessings simply because we exercise caution more than we exercise faith, which bears the substance of all the things we hope for. Even in seed form, like the size of a mustard seed, faith still guarantees tangible results/harvest/physical sight & sound/answers/first and last fruits/value for our trust funds, whatever we need is, it can’t beat faith.

Whereas the caution we cling to can easily be thrown away to the wind instinctively, when push comes to shove, and when our minds are too easily also blown away by the odds to engage caution, if any is left.

Never take your faith for granted even if it’s not visible, audible or sensible all together, because we don’t walk by sight or again, even by all the senses combined, that we have to fully engage when we exercise caution.

Most important without faith we can't please God.

God NEVER cautions us, He says ONLY BELIEVE and, also says with sovereign authority (not foreign or donor funded), BE CAREFUL FOR NOTHING, not carefree, because the poor we'll always have at our expense for lack of compassion.

I pray someone will not miss a divine appointment or whatever you need for your destiny today.

Dare to exercise faith in Jesus Christ, the author and finisher of the God kind of faith, the only one who guarantees it, and resign NOW from all cautious means you have invested your life in, in vain!

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