August Hell Month (Truth)

I call this…whatever you think it is.

Hello All,

A week from tomorrow — August 1 to August 31, I will embark on a thought/writing experiment comprised of the following objectives:

1. To determine what the hell I’m thinking about and if it’s True.

2. Spark a conversation between readers to help me refine my understanding of the ideas I’ll be presenting and not sound like a pretentious twat regurgitating the words of my favourite thinkers. I will rarely participate in discussions. The rules guiding my participation will be made along the way because at this stage, I have no clue to what extent I should guide the dialectic. I only feel compelled to set the stage for one.

3. Make my posts equally funny and engaging. Hopefully Medium has a sense of humour that indulges meaningful ‘shock’ with the same reverence they indulge meaningful argument. No hate stuff…it’s a tired and fruitless game.

Anyone who denies that we as a civilisation are on the cusp of a magnificently beautiful or horrific paradigm shift will have no interest in the ideas I present here during the month of August. I titled this post August Hell Month because I’m hoping to come out the other end of this labyrinth better in touch with Truth than I ever have before. I can think of no term more apt than this Navy Seal training term. Except in their case it’s Hell Week. My Hell Month will have ice cream, BBQ and Bourbon…so I win, provided I practice radical rationing and exercise daily!

From September onwards, I will only publish a weekly column. More on that when we are there.

I am not an academic or thinker of note. I am quite simply somewhere between a struggling polymath/autodidact with unique experiences to be shared from August onwards, to a wannabe/aspiring thinker of note. My intention at the very least is to be an honest one.

Our media has been hijacked by propagandists that would impress the likes of Ed Bernays. Look him up! —

This is why I am doing this. I am terrified of being brainwashed and have spent my entire life trying to avoid that fate. I’m giving all of you the mirror to shove into my face, so I can see what you see and determine how successful I’ve been.

My daily August posts will be short and capped at 500 words. However, the 31st will be at least a 2000-word essay discussing my experience of the month-long project.

Don’t mistake my humility with lack of confidence. I know what values and ideas I find myself in alignment with and the fact that I can apply them to my daily life is all the evidence I need. Notice I avoided using the word believe — more on that another time. But I am not the whole of humanity. If I was, this exercise would be rather silly and predictable. Readers will throw the curve balls I need to calibrate and refine my thinking on:

1. Consciousness (Free Will)

2. Tribalism (Natural Sciences, Humanities, Society in general)

3. Economics (Finance, Debt, Social Cooperation)

So that’s it until August 1st.

Remember: It’s Chaos, Be Kind. — Michelle McNamara (1970–2016)