Prone to Depression? Now Hear This.

You are not weak.

You are not broken.

You are not defective. You are not subpar.

You are not to be mocked or rejected.

You walk your own path. You’ve learned the lessons you’re here to learn. The things that’ve happened to you happened because they had something to show you, something to teach you, something to give you.

And now, whether you’re out of depression, in recovery, or totally healthy, whenever you feel yourself slipping back, just remember:

You are not weak. You are strong.

You are not broken. You are broken open. To love more. To give more. To feel more. To forgive more.

You are not defective. You are sensitive, and empathetic, and you know, you know that our words, our actions, and our thoughts can literally, make or break us.

So my friends, for those in the trenches, for those like me who have come out and fight to stay out day after day, for those who wonder if life will ever be beautiful again, now hear this:

You are beautiful.

You are powerful.

You are strong.

You matter.

You are worthy.

You are whole.

And you are loved.

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