today i’m gonna write a review about CARBOXY CREAMS

what is this all about?

Carboxy was originally used for the treatment of wounds, but it was found that the gel/cream has the effect to reduce the subcutaneous fat later.

Effect of Carboxy Slimming Creams:


Co2 gives skin lightening effect by enhancing blood circulation and vasodilation of skin.

Elastic Skin

It can be done by activating the protein synthesis.

Relieving skin troubles

Enhanced circulation relieves many kinds of skin troubles such as pimples and freckles.

Improving Stretch marks

Due to enhanced blood circulation,metabolism and protein synthesis, Co2 helps improving stretch marks.

2 Products in the market I’ve saw and i probably i’m gonna use this.

1.Carboxy Co2 Body Shaper

Product claims: it remove subcutaneous fat and makes skin elasctic. It reduces size of body due to remove fat. Skin elasticity due to effect of aerobic and it improve rough skin.

2. 3S+ Slimming Carboxy Cream

Product claims: it reduce body fat in applied area;forearm,calves,belly and thigh. the stimulation or heat feeling heat sensitivity is no side effect. It improve circulation & minimize the appearance of cellulite and it is approved by FDA.

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