Meagan Goes to Church

Almost every Sunday Grandma picks Meagan up and they go to Church, sometimes Grandpa goes with them. Meagan is six years old. There is no one else at Church who is six years old. Sometimes there are big kids, like Meagan’s cousin Samuel who comes with Grandma when he is not playing hockey or soccer. Sometimes there are babies. There are a few mommies and daddies at Church, but mostly it is grandmothers and sometimes grandfathers. Meagan loves the friendly faces, the hugs and smiles, and even the tickles. Meagan loves going to Church, everyone knows her name.

There is a woman at Church who stands at the front and talks more than anyone else. Her name is Reverend Margaret and she always has a big “Hello” for Meagan. Sometimes when Samuel is at Church he helps Reverend Margaret at the front. Meagan is not sure if Samuel likes helping, he doesn’t smile as much as usual. When Reverend Margaret remembers, Meagan gets to run up front and put out the candles on the big table. Meagan hopes she can help more at Church.

Meagan likes to say prayers. There are a lot of prayers at Church. There is one long prayer that Reverend Margaret says, it can be hard to listen to the whole thing; but Meagan always listens to the part about Jesus sharing bread and wine with his friends. Meagan loves to kneel with Grandma, put her hand out for bread and take a sip of wine. She knows God loves her just like everyone else, big or small.

Meagan likes to hear stories about Jesus. Reverend Margaret tells a lot of stories about Jesus. So does Grandma. And Grandma likes to pray too, even at home. Grandma says everyone should know the Lord’s Prayer by heart. When Meagan sleeps at Grandma’s and Grandpa’s, Grandma always tells a story about Jesus and then they pray together, and they always end with the Lord’s Prayer. Meagan feels warm, sleepy, cozy and wonderful when she falls asleep.

Sometimes Meagan’s other cousins, Emma and Benjamin, listen in on FaceTime when it is time for stories and prayers with Grandma. Emma and Benjamin live in the city and go to a big Church. There are a lot of people there; babies, kids, teenagers, mommies, daddies, and still mostly grandmas and grandpas. There are even other six year olds. Meagan really likes going to Emma and Benjamin’s Church. She likes Grandma’s more, it makes her smile to think about it.

Meagan is excited to go to Church with Grandma. She likes the people, the prayers, the hugs, the bread and wine. She likes all the stories of Jesus and his friends, like Moses and Joseph and Peter and Adam and Eve. She especially loves the story of Jesus’ mother, Mary; when the Angel visits Mary, when Jesus is born in a stable and the Angels tell the shepherds. Meagan believes there are Angels living in her Church. Sometimes she whispers to them. Sometimes Grandma listens and smiles.

Meagan knows the story when Jesus died. Jesus’ friends ran away. People hurt Jesus and made fun of him. Worst of all, people killed Jesus. He died. When Meagan hears that story, it makes her very sad and she cuddles in even closer to Grandma. But she is learning all the stories of Jesus, the happy ones and the sad ones. The happiest story of Jesus is when God brings Jesus to life again after he died. That is amazing. Grandma always says Jesus lives in our hearts.

Meagan likes Church most at Christmas and Easter. That is when the best stories of Jesus are told and there are more people in Church. It is almost full and everyone sings. Grandpa is there with Grandma; Adam, Emma and Benjamin with their parents. Reverend Margaret is really happy at Christmas and Easter. Everyone hugs her and tells her to get some rest.

Even Mommy and Daddy come to Church at Christmas and Easter. Mommy sometimes prays with Meagan at home and knows some stories about Jesus. Daddy knows the Lord’s Prayer and makes everyone laugh when he talks about Reverend Margaret; he calls her the preacher lady. Mommy and Daddy do not go to church very often. They are something called “busy”. So Meagan goes to Church with Grandma. Thank you Grandma.

Written by: PJ Hobbs.
Originally published: Crosstalk, September 2016.