Evolution vol.1

2 min readApr 21, 2022

In our latest Medium article, we want to cover the first pieces of news about the ‘Evolution’ stage of the Ottez project. Fusion is just about to get underway but we are not resting on our laurels. We are already hard at work on the next stages, although these will not be released until summer 2022. We are, however, incredibly excited with some of the ideas we have come up with both in terms of the art and the processes.

We don’t plan to reveal too many details about Evolution in this article but we want to start setting the scene and pointing out some of the benefits for our community of this next stage of our project. The community is an extremely important aspect of Ottez and we want to make sure we deliver for you and continue to support the community as we encourage a community-led aspect of the project.

Evolution, to draw a comparison to an already live project, will be akin to ‘Mutation’ that has been seen in BAYC and soon to be seen on CyberGeckoGang. However, we are looking to create something unique and fun. A way to take the Ottez you have and create a new ‘version’ (without losing the original Ottez) which will have the potential to be evolved further.

The first stage of evolution will be available to all holders. We plan to airdrop an ‘Evolution Chip’ to all holders for each Ottez that they own. This will be inserted using our Evolution Module and an Evolved Ottez will be produced. We don’t plan to reveal too much about how each trait will evolve as we like to keep the surprise. We may drop one or two sneak peeks here and there though. Each Ottez will only be permitted to be evolved through Stage 1 of Evolution once and we will have a checker function on the website so people can work out if an Ottez has been evolved.

More details about Evolution will follow as and when we take final decisions on them and in the meantime we hope people have fun with the Fusion concept. We can’t wait to see what people produce. Just remember, Fusion was a fun expansion, but the Genesis Ottez will be the only Ottez that can be evolved.

The Ottez Team