Ottez: An update on the project & Evolution

3 min readSep 22, 2022

Evolution will be upon us in no time. We are putting the final touches to this drop and we are excited to get your feedback about what we have created. As we said before, we have moved to a simple free airdrop model for this expansion and everyone will get at least one ‘Evolved Ottez’ for each one that they currently hold, plus the chance to get another one based on rarity and luck. We have already provided some details around this and that can be found on our Discord.

We hope people have fun with the artwork and the lore that is to come, and that the community continues to be vibrant and enjoyable. As with the original Ottez, we are happy to provide a licence for you to use your Evolved Ottez in any way you want, but we retain the right to use the imagery where we wish to, and still retain rights over our artwork. The Ottez team have ultimate control over the branding and over the licensing of the artworks we have produced.

The Ottez and the Evolved Ottez are designed to be fun PFPs and amazing artwork that people can enjoy. They don’t convey any rights or ownership over anything and there are no plans to build or create anything that would transfer into the ownership of the community. We are, however, supportive of the community building their own community side of the project and we can always contribute personally as Ottez holders and the creators, but we cannot build anything that will be owned or controlled by the wider community.

The community fund is still there to ensure that we can do fun stuff for the community, but that is the creators’ money and the community are aware that they have no control or ownership or right to the fund except in directing us how they may wish us to reward the community, such as giveaways or for us to collect art to support the Tezos ecosystem, such as the Ottez Founders’ Permanent Art Collection. As we have said before, this collection will be owned and controlled by the founders and will never be sold. As we have moved to a free airdrop for Evolution the community fund is unlikely to be added to from here and we would like to see the community work to build out their side as many other projects have seen, and we can support that in any way we can.

We love the Ottez community and the way it has built out and we want to continue to see it grow. This will to an extent be reliant on the Tezos community growing, which we hope to see in the future. Evolution is going to be fun and we look forward to seeing who lands the best looking evolved Ottez and where the illusive Legendaries end up.

Any questions then just drop us a DM or interact on the Discord.