Ottez Roadmap

2 min readAug 9, 2022


Our roadmap remains simple. As we have always said, Ottez is about art and community. Hopefully you all love our art and the feedback we have gotten is that most people do. The community that has built around the Ottez family is nothing short of amazing and we want to continue to embrace the community spirit and vibe.

We are running fun, free to enter events like poker and other fun stuff that we hope will keep the fun going and let everyone continue to enjoy interacting on the discord and other social media platforms.

In terms of other future plans, we have always been careful not to promise much because ultimately we want people to be part of the community if they like the art and the vibe. We have, as most will already know, committed to dropping free cool artwork to holders and will continue to do so. Evolution is the big drop that is coming up and we will release details about that in due course but all Ottez holders will get at least one free Evolved Ottez artwork.

In addition we continue to chat with other projects as to whether there are any cool collaborations they might want to do or if they want to offer our holders anything and will continue to chat with teams across the Tezos ecosystem.

We aren’t planning on turning Ottez into a business or offering any fancy utility or use case over and above the art itself. We will still look to produce some fun artwork.

Some of you guys are exploring how the community itself can build out the community side and we are always happy to engage and interact with suggestions to help foster this. We will offer as much support as we can for this and we will contribute where we can to ensure this side of the project continues to grow. And any holder who wants to use their IP rights we will equally support in any way we can.

We will of course look to be innovative where we can and embrace the pace of change on the Tezos blockchain.

We hope to continue fostering an amazing and fun community and we love interacting with you all. If there are any fun ideas you want to pitch then please drop them in the feedback channel on our discord and we’ll see what we can do.