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Despite not being married, she’s probably off to a better start than most women — if she stays with the guy for the long term.

Didn’t go to college, get a useless degree, and incur a mountain of debt.

Didn’t do the career girl thing, ride the carousel, wonder at 30 where all the good men went, and end up with a house of cats or married to a guy she feels she settled for.

Did start having children early enough that she has a chance to have multiple children, as opposed to waiting till she’s in her 30’s where she’d be lucky to have one child and it would be a miracle if she had two.

As far as the Youtube thing, the micro-entertainment industry is just as legit as the major-entertainment industry. I wouldn’t watch her stuff, but there are a lot of major films I wouldn’t watch either, but if they are filling a market niche and making money — good for them.