Why the Green Party Has Destroyed Itself with Jill Stein
Sasha Stone

I don’t plan on voting for Jill Stein, but a vote for Stein is exactly what it sounds like, a vote for Stein. If you’ll humor me for a moment, I did the math— I vote fore Jill Stein & the tally is as follows:

0: Donald Trump

1: Jill Stein

0:Gary Johnson

0: Hilary Clinton

Making the assumption that any individual who is voting for a third party would otherwise be voting for Clinton is arrogant, frankly. Inferring that Donald Trump (and the GOP for that matter) is a Cthulu like monster that will leave a trail of waste and environmental destruction in his wake is fear mongering.

I’ve seen dozens of articles, news pundits, and discussions touting this same appeal to fear to promote a false dichotomy: if you don’t vote for Clinton then you’re voting for Trump. And I get it. Trump’s rhetoric and behavior is anathema to most peop, yet no amount of bad PR is going to hurt Trump in the eyes of his followers. No amount of good PR is going to get a clear majority of voters to support Hilary.

I know it’s a two party system, and the probability of a third party actually winning is <.01/100. I get it. Donald Trump would most likely be a terrible president, and the GOP’s policies would not serve any of the causes that third party voters (especially young ones) support. But I’d prefer to vote for what I believe in( instead of what other say I need to believe), and enjoy my freedom of association … before the Hilary takes that away too. Cheers,

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