Small Package, Big Hype: Overwatch Teases New Character

All aboard the hype train, because we’ve just gotten our first look at what is our first piece of concrete Overwatch lore since the Reflections comic in December.

Around two o’clock EST today, @PlayOverwatch posted a photo and link on Twitter, hinting toward some new story potential in the world of Overwatch.

The link leads to an interview with Numbani resident Efi Oladele, who is revealed to be a technical genius at age eleven.

Some are speculating that Efi will be our next hero, especially since Jeff Kaplan stated recently that the twenty-fourth character added to the roster is not who we think it is (presumably meaning Doomfist).

The Doomfist thoughts came forth due to a recent discovery that in the game files, the payload in Numbani containing his gauntlet has the glass shattered. But with the new reveal of a character from the same place, it makes one wonder if she will arrive first.

But of course, this leaves one potential problem. Efi is eleven years old. If she is the next hero, does this mean that we will be encouraged to shoot at an eleven-year-old? As tempting as it may be when a group of sixth graders gather in any public place, it may be a bit odd for Blizzard to want to add that into the game. Maybe she’ll end up working behind the scenes or lead up to another hero.

Only time will tell, but it’s good to see that the universe is expanding.