Personal training, what it really is

When i first stepped into a gym I had no idea what to do, where to go or where to look. luckily I was at one of the best environments that you could find yourself in at a gym. It was called "Hard Knock’s".

Throughout my highschool career, college ball and serving in the army I used to make fun of personal training at gyms. Mainly because I never needed it. Hard Knock's was great because you had these old school dogs that just gave away their knowledge as they told stories about their golden years.

later down the road I got into doing personal training as a full time job. At first, I kind of hated myself. I was selling something I believed in. It used to be me and my friends or teammates. But now it was me asking people for money so I could show them a way to better their lifestyle.

But that's not what it is. What it is is fast balling an individual or group through all those years I had to basically wing it to get where I was. I now work with 30 people all of which have different backgrounds, different goals, and different battles they need to work through to get it done.