Nicole Peguero is the woman behind Mia Monroe Photography. She offers glorious queen-like maternity pictures and a moment of beauty and empowerment to pregnant women wanting to remember that time of their lives forever. She talked to us about her journey towards her art.

One of Mia Monroe Photography pieces

I never ever thought that I would be a photographer. I never went to school for photography, never took a photography class. I kind of stumbled into it” starts Nicole when talking about her new and highly successful photo studio, Mia Monroe Photography.

Mia Monroe Photography specializes in glorious, goddess in gold queen-like maternity photos. Her style is all about beauty, empowerment and an unforgettable moment.

A background in art and a camera

Janine Op Het Veld is a Dutch entrepreneur. Her main focus is food, sustainability & holistic health. She is the proud founder of ÆNDRÈ, a deli and cafe in Hamburg, and her vehicle to contribute to society and planetary health.

Janine Op Het Veld

ÆNDRÈ means to change. It is a verb. You can only make a change if you DO. If you BE the change” starts Janine when talking about her heart and soul project, her conscious catering Deli and café in Hamburg.

ÆNDRÈ as perpetual positive change

What she does like to explain, is what they do, and their values: “I want to change the food game. I want to serve, help people, guests…

Joni Schers is a Bookstagramer from the Netherlands. With two degrees in English Literature, she talked to us about her passion for books, the way they connect her to the world, and about Blow Your House Down, by Gina Frangello.

Joni’s picture of the book

Reading connects people. In a world so divided by war and politics, a good story can bring people together. To me, there’s something so intimate about reading because you get to access someone else’s mind” starts Joni Schers when talking about her love for books. When she’s reading, she feels connected to the world in ways she can’t explain.

It’s as if I’m breathing the very air of generations before me. It makes me feel utterly alive”. Never really fitting in with the kids from the neighborhood in her childhood, books were always an escape. …

Jordan Brompton is the CoFounder and CMO of myenergi, a British designer and manufacturer of renewable energy products for eco-smart home management. She talked to us about her path towards entrepreneurship, the myenergi success story and her hunger for more.

Jordan Brompton, CoFounder and CMO of myenergi

I get bored easily but there’s no time to be bored at myenergi. Every day’s different. A big part of my role is business development. I spend a lot of time talking to new people and building new relationships within the industry and trying to spot good business ideas. That’s my favorite part. The business side of it” ponders Jordan Brompton, CoFounder and CMO of myenergi.

Co-Founded in 2016, myenergi is now one of the fastest-growing tech and manufacturing businesses in the UK. …

Emily Claire is a Business & Accountability Coach. She helps female entrepreneurs systematize and simplify their businesses and keeps them accountable to take action to move forward. She talked to us about her path and the importance of routine and accountability on our way to success.

Emily Claire

I feel a lot of people mistake motion for action, so I want to make sure that my clients are taking action and getting results, making mindset shifts along the way to support their next level of growth” explains Emily Claire when asked to explain her job.

A Business & Accountability Coach, Emily helps women systematize and simplify their businesses through systems and strategy (the business coach part) and then keeps them accountable to take action to move forward (the accountability coach part).

I help female entrepreneurs scale through systems and take action with more strategy and less stress. I…

Tricia Paoluccio is the woman behind the beautiful designs of Modern Pressed Flower. From a childhood in California picking beautiful flowers to collaboration with Oscar de la Renta and book deal, she talked to Mooi about her craft and her art.

Tricia Paoluccio. Photo credit: by Autumn Stein — @autumnlaynephoto

I’ve always loved making art. My mother instilled in us a love of beauty and of making things beautiful. When I was very young she gifted me a book for making cards with pressed flowers, and my brother built me a flower press. I would make little cards that would be kind of collages and I would sell them to family members” laughs happily Tricia, remembering how it all started.

Tricia Paoluccio is a woman of many talents. A professional actor, working full time on Broadway, on television, and in films, she’s now building a whole empire made of pressed…

Lydia Purcell is the owner of Zeppelin Ballons. She makes unique and one-of-a-kind balloons installations. She talked to us about her unexpected journey to balloons, and the joys of owning your own business.

Lydia Purcell

The part of my job that I love the most is putting the installation together, the actual act of creating something. Blowing up the balloons, that’s just the labor-intensive thing that has to be done. But putting it all together, the finished product, that’s amazing! A lot of customers ask what it will look like and I just say, I can’t explain, it’s in my head, just trust me” laughs Lydia happily when talking about her business.

Lydia Purcell is the owner of Zeppelin Ballons. She makes unique and one-of-a-kind balloons installations.

I love the spontaneous part of it, where…

Gabriela is a Bookstagramer from Norway. For our March book review, she decided to talk about Invisible Women by Caroline Criado Perez.

Gabriela and her copy of Invisible Women

I love the fact that you get lost in another world. That you get to live in other characters. And I love fantasy. I have a very vivid imagination, and fantasy brings that out more, it’s fun to make your own movie in your head. The better the author is with words, the more it becomes alive” dreams happily Gabby when talking about books.

Fantasy love and mixing it up

Tamsien West is a Creative Influencer, Workshop Host, Freelance Photographer & the bookstagramer behind Babbling Books. She recently founded Mina & Maud, vintage ephemera, and nostalgic journaling supplies for creative souls.

Tamsien in action

“It all started as a personnel project. It was a way to chat and find more people who love books. I had recently moved to Melbourne, I didn’t know many people, it was a great opportunity to connect” looks back Tamsien West when talking about the start of her online community and business, Babbling Books.

Creative Influencer, Workshop Host, Freelance Photographer & Writer, Tamsien West is the woman behind the Bookstagram account Babbling Books, with more than 32.000 followers.

Through that, a lot of my career opportunities of the past few years have unfolded” she reflects happily.

Road tripping in Europe, books and journaling

Chemical engineer turned entrepreneur, Alina Bassi is the CEO of the Berlin-based circular economy startup Kleiderly. She recently made Forbes Under 30 2020 List. She talked to Mooi about her sustainable passion and the path to her own company.

Alina Bassi

I had this passion for sustainability since I’m a kid. I was probably 13 or 14 when I first found out about climate change and it concerned me so much, even back then” remembers Alina. A chemical engineer turned entrepreneur, Alina Bassi is the CEO of the Berlin-based circular economy Startup Kleiderly.

The startup recycles waste clothing and transforms them into a new, circular and sustainable material that replaces oil-based plastics. “Two environmental problems with one solution”.

The sustainability calling

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