Why a Staff Intranet doesn’t work for the Leisure Industry

Intranets have been around for more than thirty years, and love them or hate them, they have drastically helped to move internal communication forward during this time.

As technology has progressed and with over 70% of UK adults now owning a smartphone it is becoming more and more apparent that the Intranet is becoming out-dated. Here are 3 reasons why you should consider rethinking using an Intranet as your main Team Communication tool:

#1 Not everyone in the company has access

Just like corporate email, the majority of the Leisure workforce won’t have access to a company computer on a regular basis. Therefore a huge amount of communication is missed by the Team.

#2 Out-dated content

Many companies will have had their Intranet in place for several years, meaning a huge proportion of the data will be out of date. Team Members are then forced to sift through pages of irrelevant and out-dated information to find the information they need.

#3 Irrelevant technology

As the world moves further towards instant communication and messaging, it is becoming more apparent that the entire premise of an Intranet is wrong. Team members expect relevant information to be instantly available on their smartphone or tablet. Most traditional intranets do not offer this as an option rendering them useless to a huge number of workers.

Our Leisure People is a Team Communication Tool designed specifically for the Leisure Industry, aimed at workforces, which do not work from a computer on a regular basis. Are you interested in finding out more?