Promote your online engagement using organic reach on Facebook

Facebook is one of the many tools you can use to promote your online engagement to your community. It’s not a one-stop-shop solution, but its value cannot be ignored.

Facebook recently changed their algorithm to make it harder for organisations to have large organic reach (unpaid reach), in a move designed to reduce spam on people’s newsfeeds and encourage more paid advertising.

When promoting your online engagement, paying for a sponsored post is strongly recommended, however if that option isn’t available here are some ideas to increase your reach for free.

In this great read, Larry Kim shares 4 ways you can recover organic reach:

  1. Preferred audience targeting. This is a new Facebook feature that works just like ad targeting, but for your organic posts. That’s right, this new feature lets you target your organic updates as if they were ads, for free. Facebook lets you target your update so only the people who are most likely to be interested in your update will see it.
  2. Post fewer, but better updates. You can test out your content organically on Twitter. Here’s how it works: if your posts are getting traction on Twitter and LinkedIn, then consider them ripe to post on Facebook. Facebook will show your posts if they are receiving likes and shares, so it’s important to test them first elsewhere.
  3. Add engaged followers. Did you know there’s a way you can selectively invite people who have recently engaged with one of your Facebook posts to like your page? This is a valuable but little-known feature available to some (but not all) pages.
  4. Use video content. Users watch more than 8 billion videos every day on the social network and these videos are generating lots of engagement. People are likely to engage with video, so consider having ‘talent’ in your organisation who are comfortable speaking to camera or use an animator to develop content.

Good luck and please let us know if you have any other tactics that have worked for you.