Net Neutrality Is At Risk And We Must Fight To Save It

*Originally published here by Friends of Our Voice at Teen Progressive Alliance*

In 2017, we constantly see headlines that depress us. Whether it’s another terrorist attack or something a member of the Trump family has done, 2017 hasn’t been the best year. But the one thing that should still get us fired up is the fact that Net Neutrality is at risk. 
For those who don’t know, Net Neutrality says that Internet Service Providers (the companies that provide internet service to us all) must remain neutral and allow equal access to all sites. It means that they must allow the same access that they give this website to Google as well. This gives an equal playing field to anyone who wants to participate.
Back in 2014, talks about changes spurred internet outrage. No matter opinion, origin, or they did on the internet, the VAST majority of people stood up and said no to these proposed changes. People called the FCC and voiced their opinion. People left comments for them. Youtubers joined together and used their massive fanbases to force the FCC to drop these ideas. 
And we won. They did the people’s bidding and kept Net Neutrality. But that was a different era. Wall Street had invested in many startups that would’ve been hurt by the removal of Net Neutrality. Wall Street lobbied to end these talks of change on top of the pressure the internet was putting on the FCC.
We don’t have Wall Street’s backing this time around. Although Donald Trump can probably owe his win to an open internet, he appointed Ajit Pai as the FCC Chairman. Pai has been staunchly against the current form of Net Neutrality, claiming that he wants to really have neutrality by deregulating. Pai isn’t just trying to twist his words, he’s lying to the American People. 
What does this mean for the internet? What could happen if Net Neutrality is removed? ISP’s can change access to websites, meaning they can slow down sites the ISP’s don’t favor, even down to a crawl. Eventually, they will slow down the websites that don’t pay them money and keep the ones that do up to speed.
Meaning sites like Google, a multi-billion dollar company that can pay these ISP’s for full access to their sites, would be fine. Sites like these, that make NOTHING in profits may be slowed down to nothing because we won’t be able to pay the ISP’s. 
THEY are trying to censor us ALL. And WE must step up and FIGHT.
Saving Net Neutrality is life or death for a lot of small businesses and organizations, including us. It’s life or death for those who don’t have the same opinions as the ISP’s. It’s life or death for the small business who gets its word around through the internet. 
To fight a fight we’re all involved in, go to and send a letter to the FCC and Congress.
Go to and click +express to comment directly to the FCC and tell them that you specifically support Net Neutrality laws that will allow equal access to all sites.
The internet is at stake. Our medium of expression is at stake. It’s time to fight for a free and open internet for all people.

Republished with permission from Teen Progressive Alliance