An Album A Day: Day 5- 2Pac, Me Against The World

When I was in high school there was a kid in my grade obsessed with 2Pac. Not like owning 2Pac t shirts and knowing every lyric obsessed, he was more of make you a personalized 2pac mixtape for free obsessed. He would even provide the tape. It was a good deal. Want all 2pac songs from random soundtracks and features? He had you covered. Want a compilation of 2pac smooth RnB jams? He had those too.

Throughout my high school career I probably had 3 or 4 of these tapes. I would keep them in my old beat up Chevy Cavalier and give them some burn every so often. Through time because of the tapes I became familiar with a lot more of Pac’s catalog then I even realized. And yes, Pac was an icon, but I’m from New York, and my allegiance was already pledged to Biggie. Regardless, his talent was impossible to ignore, and even though I’m sure I argued at least once or twice in the cafeteria about Pac versus Biggie (always Biggie), I could always get down to some Pac.

Anyway, one of my favorite jams from Pac was a breezy gangster Rnb song called, “Temptation.” I just always loved the beat, the hook, the vibe. It’s got that night time cruising vibe that works even better now that I live in La. I get a jones to play this song around once a month so there I was driving to get some food and I said I might as well play the whole album. So that’s how I ended up here. I ate some wings, watched some Master of None, and wrote this while wrapping this album up.

Btw, low key Tupac has a solid collection of smooth cuts. “So Many Tears” is a nice one here too, although it’s not an RnB song. I may have to make a Tupac RnB playlist. Maybe I could hit homie from high school and get a tape made haha.