An Album An Day: Day 7- Bob Dylan, Nashville Skyline

7 days straight, impressive. To myself really, I’m not even sure if anyone is reading this. I’m not even sure why I’m doing this. I just like the album as a format, and wanted to take the time every day to listen to something intently. It’s a meditative experience, and it’s also a great way to stay inspired and seed creative ideas. You never know what an album could do for you creatively. I might listen to the right song at the right moment and wake up so charged up I write the best song I ever wrote. We’ll see.

Today was hard. I’ve been working on hard on planning videos, mixes, art work, release dates, content, and all the other awesome stuff that comes with being an artist. Oh yea, editing new songs too. So I sat down and googled “Great Short Albums”. I needed something that would be impactful yet clock in less than 40 minutes. So Nashville Skyline appeared during my search and I made the leap.

I have listened to Nashville Skyline. It was a very long time ago, when I was going through a serious Dylan phase. As an artist, Bob Dylan is in my top 10 of most interesting characters (I don’t actually have a list). He gave zero fucks. His lyrics were poignant and his style impeccable. I have borrowed a few lyrics of his through my days, and have even been called out on it (lol). But through my phases of listening to him, I began to pick favorites and stick to those. Nashville Skyline, to it’s credit, has two of those favorites, the big and brash “Lay Lady Lay” and the rambling tale “Tonight I’ll Be Staying Here With You.”

This album clocks in at 30 minutes. With its title, obviously there are country overtones and lots of slide guitar. What’s really hilarious though, is that Dylan’s voice noticeably sounds different than any other record of his. In a Rolling Stone article, he credited giving up smoking to helping find his new voice. Either way, that’s balls. Big brass ones. Just like his big brass bed (hope you catch the reference). Imagine your favorite rock star went to a different city, made a record that sounded like nothing he’s ever done, WHILE SOUNDING LIKE A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PERSON. That’s bad ass. And so is this record. It was like a meal you didn’t crave but then eat it and hits the spot. This is exactly why I’m doing this.

Now I’m going to go fiddle with my guitar and see if lightning strikes.

If you’re reading this, and want to suggest an album, please do…I’m all ears as they say.