Lessons from the Rugby World Cup: always have a substitute on the bench

UK Brands who have invested into the Rugby World Cup are looking to see whether England’s early departure had an impact on their Return On Investment (ROI).Heineken, O2, and Beats are just some of the high profile brands that invested significant resources into this sporting event. However, despite the, domestically, unexpected development in the UK-based tournament, those who had a backup plan or ‘plan B’ manage to adapt their campaigns. So what lessons can we learn as marketing professionals.

Sponsoring live events and building advertising campaigns alongside them, gives marketing teams an opportunity to increase their brand awareness and target outreach. Yet this also brings the pitfall that outdated information present in the marketing campaign could make their brand look irrelevant and ‘out of touch’.

This all comes in the wake of more marketing campaigns being generated and 77 percent of businesses looking to increase their marketing budgets this year. Along with this boost, the expectations are getting higher on what will be delivered. This means even with more investment, marketing teams need to be more efficient and effective with how they use their resources, ensuring all assets are fully maximised for better ROI. Having a vast amount of relevant data in the first place, collected and gathered by a CRM system; is notably essential for these tools to work.

In addition, in ensuring a desired ROI and avoiding damage to brand reputation, companies sometimes have to divert their marketing efforts into other areas. In a recent case, TalkTalk had to withdraw their sponsorship of the X Factor for 2 weeks due to a breach exposing thousands of their customer’s personal details.

To quickly respond to unexpected changes, marketing teams need to embrace new tools such as Marketing Automation, CRM and CEM to provide a strong foundation to brand campaigns. In that sense, when a Plan B is needed, they are ready to adapt.

When executing a personalised and dynamic campaign, using an agile marketing automation platform is key to enabling rapid response. Brands are able to bring a whole new level of dynamism to their campaigns and quicker engage with customers.

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