Mobile is the newest channel for CRM

One of the latest integration projects we carried out was for Transterra Media, a leading digital marketplace for freelance journalists, filmmakers and media corporations to collaborate and produce news content. Recently, the company launched a mobile app designed to allow contributors to easily share content while on the move but what Transterra Media really wanted was to harness the data from this new channel for better user experience. In cooperation with Netguru, we successfully completed the integration of their iOS app into and ensure no data was leaked or lost. The app can now synchronise with the website, allowing data from all the touchpoints to be captured and helping Transterra Media to pursue growth within this sector.

Like Transterra Media did, companies need to look at mobile as a way to get their customer experience strategy up to date, by integrating applications into their CRM systems. Enabling new capabilities for CRM vendors and users and set to grow at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 13.4 percent by 2019, the global enterprise mobile app development services market is the latest trend businesses need to catch.

Microsoft Dynamics is actively encouraging businesses to pursue this by launching a Custom Dynamics App, letting developers build native and cross-platform apps for iOS, Windows and Android. Yet you need a qualified team to build an application that can scale and develop as the business does. Mobile apps can be an expensive investment as well and cost up to $1,000,000, thus it is critical when you start developing an app to make sure it will make a significant impact. Integrating it into other systems such as CRM can notably improve the value of the investment, but it can also lead to further significant costs and complications if inexperienced teams are managing the project.

Therefore, with 97 percent of CIOs having high hopes for mobile applications to improve their business practices, companies need to jump on the bandwagon. Often companies have reservations when it comes to mobile apps, however, with the right implementation partner, they can open up a new channel to gather CRM data. A lot of them feel they don’t have the budget for it too, but investing smartly and having a partner which can help manage costs more effectively from the start, is the solution. Partnering with a trusted vendor such as Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce or Composer can provide you with the tools for a successful integration and cope with the demand of the modern customer.

In the digital age, businesses have to look at providing an omni-channel experience but without having access to real-time data that CRM integration can offer, they will not be able to improve customer experience.

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