What is Athleisure and How can You Pull it Off in 2017

What is Athleisure?

You’ve probably been wondering why so many people are wearing more athletic outfits this year. Everywhere you go; to the store, the mall, the movies, at a nice cafe, the gym, even to some fancy restaurants and parties, there are people who look like they just got done working out. Whether they’re wearing the famous athletic brands or just simply rocking out their yoga pants with a chic blazer, Athleisure is something that has taken over us naturally.

So if you are still wondering what Athleisure is, keep on reading and find out why this trend is so popular and how you yourself can rock Athleisure!

Athleisure for a Date:

Ladies, don’t fret about what you have to wear for a lunch date or dinner date. Be yourself! If you don’t want dress up too much or if you don’t want your date to think that you’re trying too hard, dress athletically with a twist! No matter who you may be meeting, a woman who can make yoga pants look hot outside of the gym is definitely a keeper! Pair up your favorite track suit with a long trench coat and your favorite dad hat and you’re ready to go!

Athleisure for Casual Wear:

Match up your workout outfit with your favorite jean jacket. Denim can make anything look even more stylish than it already is. This Athleisure fashion trend is perfect for a quick errand or an outfit for school.

Athleisure for Parties:

Switch up your denim jacket with a leather jacket for a more chic and rockin’ vibe! This Athletic outfit is perfect for a day to night wardrobe. Got a party to go to but you want to make sure you look good before hand? You can work out in the day and rock out at night!
Rock out an all Black ensemble for a more classy and super hyped look! Who said you can’t be comfortable on a night out? A leather jacket says “ I’m ready to have a wild night!” Yoga pants says” Comfort and Confidence!” Together, you’ve got a great team!

Athleisure for Work/Professional Wear:

Joggers are now the “in crew.” They have become a staple to fashion and everyone must have a pair! Wear your favorite joggers or athletic pants to Casual Friday at work by mixing it up with a plain tee and professional stilettos .
Trade in your yoga pants for the likes of this cute athletic pencil cut skirt. The slit on the side gives it a more sophisticated look and makes it perfect to wear with a solid mid sleeve top and you favorite kicks! This outfit speaks for itself: Professionally Stylish!

How Athleisure came to be:

Kendall Jenner’s and Gigi Hadid’s Athleisure trend is sure to turn heads! It’s super simple yet they make it look extremely sexy and chic! No wonder these two are great friends, they both have such amazing taste.

Fame has a lot to do with what’s in and what’s trending. Over the years, we’ve gotten our fashion trends from celebrities or famous social/fashion icons. Seeing them wear something, no matter how vulgar, insecure, or crazy it may be, gives us the motivation or confidence to want to wear it ourselves.

Athleisure is all about wearing what you already own and making it something you want to have! Don’t think those loose jogging pants or big shirts are just for breaking sweats. With the right accessories and a mixture of confidence and attitude, you can run all day and party all night with the Athleisure trend!

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