Guess what…Your customer is not your NO. 1

by Robert Blankenship

Let me say it again, Your customer is not your No. 1! Wait…What did he just say? This is what I hear all the time when I tell clients this. In fact that is the first thing I tell them about how to improve their business. Needless to say it is always met with a little skepticism because that is the exact opposite of what they have been told there entire life. I’ll just cut to the end for you, your No. 1 priority is your EMPLOYEES

“an unhappy employee can ruin the brand experience for not just one, but numerous customers.”- Richard Branson

When your employees are happy, not only will they work harder and be proud of your brand, they will have PASSION for what they do and that my friends is the key to making your customers happy. I will even take that further and say that is one of the most import factors in increasing your customer lifetime value(clv)

If the person who works at your company is not appreciated, they are not going to do things with a smile

Have you ever visited a store and noticed that the employee was just simply going through the motions? In most cases nothing went wrong, in fact for all accounts it was an OK experience, but if that was the case, why did you leave that transaction underwhelmed? This is the experience i have %90 of the time when i interact with a company and IT DRIVES ME CRAZY! The reason why is because that employee simple was not passionate or cared about their own business, so in my head if they don’t care why should I?

One the reverse side of the spectrum

Every morning on my way off to work I stop at Starbucks, I catch a lot of flack for this from my girlfriend because she says it’s nothing more that highly priced coffee that I could make at home with the 2 different coffee makers I have(disclaimer she did buy me one of those coffee makers). She knows me though, I am far from a coffee snob, in fact I think of coffee as a commodity, but then why do i go to Starbucks every morning?… It’s because they make me feel special and I like to feel special.

My whole day is better because that simply transaction put me in a better mood… That my friends is what i paid $5 for not the coffee.

So do you want to create a better business for yourself and family? Start by seeing your employees for what they are…Your No. 1 priority.

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