6 magic rules to a successful company culture

The importance of the Company Culture is increasingly growing. Having a Company Culture doesn’t need to cost, and will affect how your team interacts, building stronger relationships and, consequently, increasing their productivity.

So here are 6 magic rules you can follow to improve your office culture:

1. State your company values.

The first thing to do is state what values are moving your company, what is your purpose and the goals, so everyone feels part of it.

2. Create team building.

Your company culture isn’t just what is written and want you want it to be, it’s also how your team see your company and how they socialize. So it is also important to organize team building events where they can learn more about the Company while they meet their team mates.

3. Make a great atmosphere.

The environment you and your team feel at your company defines your company’s “personality”. Throwing some colours on the walls, creating a cozy lounge space or a game area to relax will make your office atmosphere much more fun.

4. Hire for attitude.

You can have the best company, but if someone on your team doesn’t feel your culture, they ruin your office vibe. Hire people who identify themselves with your culture.

5. My office, your office.

Make people feel they belong to your company. Let them bring some personal accessories for their desks, like family photos. Or put a photos of all team members on the walls. Make the company feel more like home.

6. Surprise!

Sometimes having a thematic day at the office or celebrating a milestone will make your employees feel appreciated, which will pay off in staff satisfaction and hard work.

This article first published on The Outplanr Blog: 6 magic rules to a successful company culture.