Hero.tv Twitch Extension is now Live!

Hello Streamers & Viewers!

Today, we here at Hero are happy to announce that we have just released a Twitch extension that utilizes Hero’s reaction technology. Our extension is now available in the Twitch.tv extension marketplace under the name Hero Audience Reactions an Analytics.

We have received tons of requests for the Hero features built into our game, SOS, to be made into a Twitch extension, and this initial version of the extension is our first step in bringing our Hero technology directly to Twitch. This will enable all streamers and viewers on Twitch to utilize our reaction technology for any game they want without having to leave Twitch!

So, what does it do???

Streamers who install our extension will be able to place our Hero reaction buttons on their stream for their viewers to interact with in real-time. Users can express their laughter, shock, applause, love, and anger with regard to the broadcast, and those reactions will show up on the stream through the Hero browser source that we provide. Streamers can choose to monitor this feedback through the browser source in their streaming software and (even better) through a desktop overlay, which we also provide.

More info on how to set up our extension here.

We find that our Hero reactions create an exciting feedback loop between streamers and viewers. Viewers feel more invested in the stream, as they can see the results of their reactions showing up in the video. Streamers can receive real-time feedback from their audience, and understand how what they are doing is resonating with everyone watching. One thing feeds the other, and so on. Our reactions even work to engage lurkers, who may feel reluctant to talk in chat, but will feel much more comfortable contributing to the stream through anonymous reactions.

Coming soon…

The next feature that we have coming to our Twitch extension is one we are really excited about. We know how much streamers value analytics that can help them to improve and grow their stream. Very soon, streamers who install and use our extension will be able to go to Hero.tv and view their reaction analytics for each stream.

In the dashboard on Hero.tv, there will be graphs broken out for each stream session that will be accompanied by the streamer’s VOD from that session. Streamers will be able to see the peaks of their audience’s reactions to see what people loved, what people laughed at, what people were shocked by.

Streamers will be able to click anywhere on the graph and see the exact moment in their VOD related to those audience reactions. We anticipate that this will give streamers a much deeper understanding of the moments in their stream which resonate the most with their audience. With that, they can work to curate highlights, and also improve their future streams to have more of what their viewers love.

That’s it for now!

So, what are you waiting for? If you’re a streamer, head to our Hero Audience Reactions and Analytics extension to install! And, if you’re not a streamer, let your favorite streamers know about our extension so you can get even more involved in their streams!